Youth Voters are shattering voting records in 2020 elections.

Vianca A. Grullon
2 min readOct 31, 2020

By Vianca Grullon

BROCKPORT, N.Y- With Election Day getting closer, there has been record numbers of early voting turnouts. More than 7 million youth voters have casted their ballots as of October 27.

Looking forward to the November 3 elections, New York State has increased safety measures with extended face to face and mail-in voting forms. Early voting has been encouraged in the midst of fears that the U.S Postal Service might not have the ability to mail-in ballots on time.

Regardless of Covid-19, early voting has surpassed records. Younger populations, who might not have been qualified to cast a ballot in the last political race, have made their voices heard since 2016. That empowerment could lead to a spike in youth voter turnout.

Michael Saladeen, a 20-year-old junior at The College at Brockport, sees an increased voting push on social media.

“I think more young people are voting especially because of social media and it’s influence.” Saladeen said “I get little pop-ups asking if I registered to vote this year, especially on Facebook. With social media and a highentend youth voting movement, there is a strong influence to vote.”

Michael Saladeen. Photo by Vianca Grullon.

According to a biannual survey done by the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School, this election is projected to have the highest youth turnout in a dozen years with 63 percent saying they will vote, opposed to 47 percent in 2016.

“Voting has changed a lot since 2016, pretty much all groups of people are going to want to go to the polls and vote because they either feel they are for the president or they do not like what the president is doing or how he’s handling the country.” Saladeen said.